Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thought Of The Day: What Makes A Great Photograph Great?

Man At Shoshone Point - Grand Canyon, Arizona
What is it about some photographs that capture our interest? What is it about some photographs that pull at our hearts? Why is it that we cannot pull our eyes away from some images? Why do some photographs take our breath away?

What makes a great photograph great? Is it the camera? The location? The subject? The time of day?

The answer is both easy and unanswerable.

The easy answer is that the photographer had vision. The photographer had a vivid and imaginative conception, and turned that into a great piece of art. The image was not some thoughtless snapshot. The photographer injected himself into the picture.

The difficult answer is how one goes about doing that. If it were easy, everyone would be able to capture amazing image after amazing image. Great photographs are illusive, and one can try for years before ever creating one.

What makes a great photograph great is an intangible. What separates a good image from a great image is something that you know when you see. It's something that is difficult to put into words and impossible to put into a formula.  

It is creativeness and humanness.

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