Friday, September 21, 2012

Cell Phone Photography

When my digital cameras were stolen two weeks ago, I thought that would put a damper on my creativity. After all, how could I create photographs without a camera? But one tool has proven itself: my cell phone.

To be specific, it's a Samsung Galaxy S, which has a camera with a tiny 5 megapixel sensor, that was "free" with a two year contract. And I used free "apps" to edit the photographs.

It's not the camera that matters. Vision is what's important. You can create great photographs using any camera if you are creative and thoughtful enough. Even a free cell phone camera!

If you are not creative and thoughtful with your pictures, you'll never create great photographs, even with a Nikon D800! That's because cameras capture pictures, but it takes an artist to create a photograph.

The five images below were created today using my cell phone.
Purple Flowers - Palmdale, California
Abandoned Wells Elementary School - Tehachapi, California
This school was open from 1934 until 2001. The school district still uses a small section of the old school for offices, but much of it is empty and unused. An earthquake that registered 7.3 on the Richter scale struck nearby in 1952, killing 12 people and destroyed many buildings. The rumor is that one of those 12 people that died was a young boy that was at this school. Supposedly he still roams the hallways.
There were indeed children that died in that earthquake (which is very sad), but as far as I can tell none were at school. In fact, the earthquake struck at 4:52 in the morning, well before school would have started.
Red Rose Bloom - Tehachapi, California
Two Red Roses - Tehachapi, California
Dandelion Light - Tehachapi, California

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