Friday, September 28, 2012

Samsung NX210 Initial Observations

My camera bag was stolen about three weeks ago. It had two cameras plus a bunch of other stuff in it. Thankfully, my home insurance policy covered the theft.

One camera that I received was a Pentax K-30, which replaced my old Pentax K-x. The other camera was a Samsung NX210, which replaced my fairly new Samsung NX200.

Yesterday afternoon I had a chance to try the NX210 for the first time. Since it is 99.5% the same as the NX200, I was able to jump right in without any problems.

The only real difference between the NX200 and the NX210 is that the NX210 has wireless capabilities and the NX200 does not. There are some other very, very insignificant changes, but nothing even worth mentioning here.

So there really isn't much to say about the NX210 that hasn't already been said about the NX200. You can read my review of that camera here. Regarding the Wi-Fi on the NX210, I tried it and it seems to work as advertised. I'm not really sure at this moment how useful these wireless features are. I can see them coming in handy in different situations, but not anything I'd use all of the time.

Expect a full review of the NX210 in a couple of weeks.

The eight photographs below were captured yesterday afternoon in my front yard while playing with my two kids.
Fake Butterfly - Tehachapi, California
Pink and White Rose - Tehachapi, California
Back Lit Leaf - Tehachapi, California
Gathering Pollen - Tehachapi, California
Red Ball Throw - Tehachapi, California
Home Lines - Tehachapi, California
Playful Youth - Tehachapi, California
Beginning of Autumn - Tehachapi, California

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