Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stolen Cameras, Lessons Learned

I had my camera bag stolen out of my car this last weekend while in Scottsdale, Arizona. Inside of it were two digital cameras and four lenses, as well as filters, SD cards, and other photography things. My Samsung NX200 and Pentax K-x were the two cameras taken. Altogether, it was about two thousand dollars worth of equipment gone.

First, this stinks really bad. Someone didn't just take my stuff that I worked really hard to get, but they also took a piece of my dreams. It was a kick to the stomach. It was a setback.

But I am a firm believer in "you reap what you sow." You can call it karma, you can call it getting what's deserved, or "what comes around goes around"--the heartless punk that did this will indeed some day get what he deserves, hopefully while in prison.

Second, I still have some cameras. I have my cell phone. I have a Nikon S8100. I have several film cameras. Until I can afford to replace what was stolen, I can still create photographs. Equipment is far less important than vision.

Third, my car insurance will not cover this. Be sure to check with your auto insurance and what it does and doesn't cover.

Fourth, make sure you insure your equipment. I didn't, now it is my loss. Don't make the same mistake that I did.


  1. I had my camera stolen at a restaurant. Hurts a lot, loved that camera, a present from my hubby.. anyhow,, love your photos of George AFB.

    1. Thanks! My home owners insurance ended up covering the loss, and thankfully they really took care of me.
      George AFB is a great place to photograph, I really need to get back there soon. --Ritchie Roesch