Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thought Of The Day: Use Whatever Software You Want

I've heard several different photographers recently say that they don't think anyone (other than amateurs) should ever use free post-processing software. "Their buttons may be the same," one said, "but the results are different."
Summer Mow - Tehachapi, California (post-processed using free software)
Yeah, the results are different. Any software, including those built into DSLRs, will produce different results because they're designed by different people. Two quick points: 1) the differences from one software to the next in regard to image quality are typically extremely small, and 2) just because two programs are different doesn't mean one is better and one is worse--they're just different.

I think that those who spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on computer software for their photographs have to justify that. If free software does the same (just differently) as $700 software, why the heck did you spend that kind of money?

I'm not saying you should or shouldn't use this or that software. I'm simply saying that there is no shame in using the great free post-processing software that's available. If you paid for your photo editing software, there is no reason to look down on those who didn't.

I use free post-processing software. So what? I've photographed weddings and portraits. I have sold stock images. I've had photographs on the wall of a gallery. I've had some images published in a book.

It's never about the camera. It's never about the lens. It's never about the software. Vision is what matters.

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