Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top 10 Websites For Photography Inspiration

I get asked all of the time what websites I visit for photography inspiration. What websites have amazing and breathtaking images? Where can one find creative and innovative photographs?

Here are the top 10 websites (in no particular order) that I visit for inspiration:

- Arizona Highways Magazine. This magazine has been internationally known for great photographs for many decades. Ansel Adams was a fairly regular contributor back in the day, and to this day, only the best-of-the-best photographers get featured. Many amazing images can be found on their website, although you have to dig around a little to find many of them.

- 1x.com. This site is a huge collection of great photographs.

- Veer Ideas Tumblr. The most creative and innovative images and illustrations found at Veer's stock photography site are featured here.

- Chase Jarvis Blog. I'm really liking his Emerging Talent series.

- Pictory. Not just great photographs, but the stories behind them, too.

- 500px.com. It's like flickr, but much, much better.

- Photoextract. A "best of" of photographs on Google+. There are some truly amazing images here!

- Earthshots.org. A daily nature and landscape photography contest that often features great images.

- Photography Served. Great photographs from truly talented photographers.

- Ansel Adams. This is a good place to view some of the master's work.

You can create photographs just as amazing as those found in the websites linked above if you have vision.

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