Friday, October 5, 2012

Early Autumn Afternoon With A Pentax K-30

In preparation for an upcoming review of the Pentax K-30 DSLR, I took my new K-30 out for a spin this afternoon. I wanted to put the camera to the test and try a couple of things. It was also a good excuse to capture the changing seasons.

There is always a lesson to be learned with each photograph. This was especially true today since I was more-or-less experimenting with new equipment.

These were not "serious" photographs. However, playing around with the camera will prepare me for when I need to do actual work. So in a way this is practice.

On the other hand, I'm in the process of writing a product review, and these photographs are an important part of that. Maybe these are more "serious" than I thought.
Autumn Tree - Tehachapi, California
The afternoon is not the best time to capture an image like this. The leaves are reflective and will often clip the highlights and the shadows tend to be deep. The light is also cooler and not as pleasant as around sunrise or sunset. I was surprised, the K-30 did a good job of retaining the highlights and shadows, and the auto-white-balance did a good job, too.
Climbing The Pass - Keene, California
I used the "Cross Process" feature of the camera to give the image its unusual colors.
Car Train - Keene, California
This is the back of the train from Climbing The Pass. One lesson, when you are photographing trains, is to look for photographic opportunities on the entire train, and not just the front.
Bee Yellow - Keene, California
Another lesson, when you are photographing something, is to look all around for other things to photograph. This bee was captured a couple of feet from where I captured the two photographs above this one.
Large White Flower - Bealville, California
Color wasn't important to this image, so I converted it to black-and-white.
Tehachapi Mountain Tunnel - Tehachapi, California
Again, the middle of the day isn't typically best for photography. The Pentax K-30 handled this scene well.
Barbed Line - Tehachapi, California
This is almost the same exact scene as Tehachapi Mountain Tunnel above, but completely rethought. This is more about lines and shapes, shadows and highlights, and less about the actual subject.
Colorful Poppy - Tehachapi, California
I kept this photograph for two reasons. First, it's a good example of the "Cross Process" feature working. I love these colors because of the color contrast. Second, this is a massive crop, equal to about 3 megapixels. Aside from the lack of sharpness (caused by the wind blowing the flower), this is completely usable as an 8" x 10" print. 
Green Leaf - Tehachapi, California
Another example of good color contrast.
Tree In Autumn - Tehachapi, California
Again, not the best light to be out photographing in, but the K-30 did a good job handling it. 
White Rose - Tehachapi, California
Color wasn't important, so I converted it to black-and-white.
Ghost Girl - Tehachapi, California
The K-30 has this feature where it will combine multiple images into one (not HDR, although it can do that, too). So I took one photograph of the fence with my daughter and one without, and the camera combined them into one "ghostly" image.
Tehachapi Mountains - Tehachapi, California
Another example of the "Cross Process" feature. I'm trying it more than I think I might typically do otherwise. I'm trying to figure out when it works well and when it doesn't.

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