Friday, October 12, 2012

Pentax K-30 Images, Part 2: Tehachapi

Part 1

In preparation for an upcoming review of the Pentax K-30, I've been creating photographs. These were all captured around town (Tehachapi, California) over the last few days.
As The Crow Flies - Tehachapi, California
I post-processed this photograph on-camera using the K-30's built-in software.
Firesky Over Trees - Tehachapi, California
Rainbow - Tehachapi, California
Two Trains - Tehachapi, California
I love showing movement in photographs. The K-30's excellent image stabilization allows for longer shutter speeds when the camera is hand-held.
Ties That Bind - Tehachapi, California
I was going for a Holga look here.
Metal Door - Tehachapi, California
Look closely at this image. Do you see the moire pattern distortion? Almost every digital camera has an anti-aliasing filter to prevent this. But the side-effect of an anti-aliasing filter is reduced sharpness. Digital medium-format, all Leica cameras, the Nikon D800E, some Sigma cameras, the Fuji X-pro1, and the Pentax K-5 IIs have all done away with the anti-aliasing filter, choosing sharpness over moire pattern distortion prevention (or, in the case of Fuji and Sigma, the anti-aliasing filter is unnecessary because of the type of sensor used). Some other cameras, like the Pentax K-30, use a weak anti-aliasing filter, which minimally reduces sharpness and prevents most (but not all) moire pattern distortion.
Autumn Leaves - Tehachapi, California
Tehachapi Mountains In October - Tehachapi, California
Country Road Less Traveled - Tehachapi, California
Any time color is not an essential element to a photograph it should be converted to black-and-white. 
Bottom Dog - Tehachapi, California
In this case, I chose both color and black-and-white.

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