Monday, November 12, 2012

Always Bring A Camera With You

You should always bring a camera along with you everywhere you go. All of the time, no matter what.
Cloudscape - Tehachapi, California
Ordinary days can turn extraordinary very quickly. If you keep an open eye and have vision, the mundane can become interesting. There are photographic opportunities each day just waiting to be discovered.
The Silver Lining - Tehachapi, California
But you will miss these opportunities if you don't have a camera with you. Scenes and moments are fleeting. More photographs are "once in a lifetime" than one would think. Conditions and lighting are rarely exactly the same, and things simply change. Even if you come back later to photograph the scene, it won't likely be exactly the same.
Grape Fountain - Bakersfield, California
You are not likely going to return to the scene, though. I cannot tell you how many times that I've missed a great photo opportunity, told myself that I'd return later, and never did. If I simply had a camera with me in those moments, then I would have those elusive images in my collection.
Wall Screw - Bakersfield, California
So bring a camera along with you everywhere you go. Don't miss these photographs! There are great images each day that are just waiting for you to find and capture.
Pollen Gathering - Bakersfield, California
Take these photographs, for instance. I captured each one of them three days ago. It was an ordinary day, and I found them as I went about daily activities. If hadn't brought along my Pentax K-30, I wouldn't have any of these photographs.
The Beauty Of Change - Tehachapi, California
The two top images (of the clouds) were captured at my daughter's school after I picked her up. The next three images (fountain, screw and bee) were captured at a restaurant. The bottom image (of the leaves) was captured in a parking lot next to a curb. Ordinary day, ordinary activities--yet great photographs can still be found. But only because I had a camera with me.

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