Thursday, November 1, 2012

Southwest Road Trip, Part 3: California

California was the origin and termination of the 10 day journey. We left with hopes and returned with memories.

Stops were made in Barstow and Needles, and we saw some parts of old Route 66. However, for the most part, we hurried ourselves across the state, especially on the way east.

All of these photographs were captured using a Pentax K-30 DSLR.
Autumn Leaf - Tehachapi, California
I photographed this leaf on a black piece of paper. If you look closely you can see some tiny white dust specks that were on the paper. I tried to get rid of them prior to opening the shutter, but couldn't (well, not all of them, anyway). If I spent 10 minutes in front of a computer I could remove them with software, but with so many images to get through, I'll save that task for another day.
Santa Fe - Needles, California
All The Way - Needles, California
A.T.S.F.R.Y - Needles, California
Ajax - Needles, California
Two Santa Fe's - Barstow, California
McDonald's Train - Barstow, California
Quick Train Under Full Moon - Barstow, California
This was after sundown. I used a higher ISO than normal because the camera was hand-held.  
McTower - Bartstow, California

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