Friday, November 23, 2012

This Blog Is Really Screwed Up

I really haven't given this Blog the maintenance that it needs over the last several months.
Fast Freight - Cajon Pass, California
This is an images that was somehow removed from the Blog.
I just realized that a lot of the earlier photographs posted here got removed for whatever reason. To make matters worse, some of these photographs were used in multiple posts.
Mist Triangles - Glendale, Arizona
Another image that was missing.
I could have re-added the images, but that would have taken many hours of work. Instead, I deleted about 40% of the posts from March 2011 (when I started this Blog) through November 2011, and about 15% of the posts from December 2011 through March 2012.
Foggy Mountain Road - Tehachapi, California
This photograph was gone, too.
I have no idea why these photographs disappeared (or even when they disappeared), but the problem is only found within the first year of the Blog.
Floor Lines - Scottsdale, Arizona
This image was nowhere to be found on this Blog.
Also, there are some posts that I didn't delete that have missing images. I thought those posts were still OK even without the images. If you find one of those posts, I do apologize.
Horse At Fence - Onyx, California
This was captured using a Holga camera. Every Holga images was missing.
Hopefully I won't have a similar issue in the future. I wish I knew the "why" so that I could ensure that it doesn't happen again.
Sunrise Over Vishnu Temple - Grand Canyon, Arizona
One post that I deleted was How To Make Unique Photographs of The Grand Canyon. That was my third most viewed post from the first six months of this Blog.
Because of all this, I decided to do some much needed maintenance work on this Blog. It will take a couple of weeks to complete. I will still try to post here and there, but expect updates to be much less frequent through the end of the year.

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