Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow Photographs

Quite a few folks yesterday across the United States got a white Christmas. I did not here in Tehachapi (although some snow did fall on the mountain peaks just outside of town), but seeing all of the images from family and friends elsewhere enjoying the snow is what inspired this post.
White Road - Tehachapi, California
I've lived almost my entire life in places where it doesn't snow or rarely snows. But now I live someplace where it snows fairly often. It is such a great joy to be able to experience the soft, white, cold, fluffy blanket that covers the ground in the winter.
Dusting Snow #1 - Tehachapi, California
Perhaps because it is a fairly new subject for me, I find photographing in the snow to be very enjoyable. There is a contrast created by the snow that is great for images. The feeling of fresh snowfall speaks deeply. Life frozen is metaphoric.
Snow On Branch - Tehachapi, California
Those who had a white Christmas this year should feel blessed. Those who had an opportunity to photograph it should feel especially blessed.
Snow Stump - Tehachapi, California
While none of these images are from Christmas, I hope you enjoy them. If you had a white Christmas, I hope in some way these remind you of that great holiday gift.
Cold Spot - Tehachapi, California

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