Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lake Isabella (Is Really Low)

With dam repairs well underway, Lake Isabella (or, Lake Isapuddle, as some have begun referring to it) in the southern Sierra's in central California is really low. Things that were once underwater are now out in the open.
Seven Old Trees - Mountain Mesa, California
Many might call the lake "ugly" in its current state; however, I see it is a great opportunity for photographers to capture the lake in a unique season of its existence. Beauty can be found anytime, anywhere if you look for it. Certainly along the muddy shores, among the old beer cans and long-forgotten tree stumps, one can find beauty.
The Forgotten Landscape - Mountain Mesa, California
On the adventure where these images captured, I went to Kissack Cove near the small town of Mountain Mesa on the southeastern edge of the lake. The end of the boat ramp was perhaps 1/5th the way to the new shoreline.
Forgotten Forest - Mountain Mesa, California
The old trees in these photographs are normally underwater. Typically when the lake is low, you can see just the tips of the tallest ones poking above the water. This gives some scale to just how low Lake Isabella is right now.
From Kissack Cove - Mountain Mesa, California
Because there are so many campgrounds, boat ramps and other public land, access to the lake is easy. All of these photographs were captured at one location. There are a hundred other locations around the lake that could be great for photography. It is an excellent time to just explore.
Old Tree Line - Mountain Mesa, California

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