Monday, January 21, 2013

Photographs Of Flowers

My passion is not photographing flowers; however, when I see the vibrant and delicate life around me, it is difficult not to be enchanted. Sometime I cannot help myself.

These photographs were captured over the last two years using six different digital cameras, including a cell phone. They are in no particular order. My photography has improved significantly over that time--I bet you can tell which are the older photographs and which are the newer.

Sometimes it is good to look back. It is good to see the progress that you've made. It is encouraging to see how far you've come over time.

It is also good to group like photographs together. I organize my digital files by date more often than by category, so these photographs were all over the place. Seeing them together helps me to see not only what I have, but where I can go in the future with flower photography.
Dandelion Sunset - Stallion Springs, California
Gathering Pollen - Tehachapi, California
African Daisy - Anaheim, California
Prickly Pear Blossom - Goodyear, Arizona
Fire Flower - Stallion Springs, California
California Poppy - Stallion Springs, California
Wet Flower - Tehachapi, California
Bee Yellow - Keene, California
Two Red Roses - Tehachapi, California
Sunflower - Tehachapi, California
Wet White Pedals - San Diego, California
Morning Hibiscus - San Diego, California
Small Flower - Goodyear, Arizona
Saguaro Blossom Bees - Goodyear, Arizona
Blue And Yellow Flower - Tehachapi, California
White Flower Flames - Surprise, Arizona
Flower Garden - Tehachapi, California
Wildflowers #1 - Kendall, California
Buds And Blossom - Palmdale, California
Pink Pedals - Palmdale, California
Warm Flowers - Tehachapi, California
Closed Poppy - Tehachapi, California
Daisy - Anaheim, California
Pink Flower - Anaheim, California
Yellow Daisy - Anaheim, California
Blossom Beginning - Anaheim, California
Pink Flowers - Anaheim, California
Bee On Orange Blossom - Surprise, Arizona
Red Flower Beginning To Blossom - Goodyear, Arizona
Little Red Flowers - Surprise, Arizona
Purple Flower In The Grass - Tehachapi, California
Yellow Flower - Bakersfield, California
Life And Death - Morro Bay, California
Dry Red Rose - Tehachapi, California
Stargazer Curves - Tehachapi, California
White Rose - Tehachapi, California
Flower About To Bloom - Scottsdale, Arizona
Thistle Flower - Cane Brake, California

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