Friday, February 1, 2013

Late Afternoon Bike Ride In Tehachapi

I moved to Tehachapi, California from Arizona a little over one year ago. I love living in the country-mountain community where I now reside. Yesterday was a nice, clear day, so I took my family out on a bike ride. I, of course, brought along a camera, my Pentax K-30.
Rainbow Train - Tehachapi, California
The train's lights hit the camera just right to cause the rainbow and star effects--no fancy filters or software tricks were used. This image was significantly cropped in order to "zoom." 
Barbed Wire Fencing - Tehachapi, California
This image is about lines, specifically the vertical lines of the wood post and the (mostly) horizontal lines from the three sets of barbed wire. It is also about the number three (three barbed wires and three sets of barbs) and contrast (light and dark, horizontal and vertical, as well as wood and metal).
Bike Training - Tehachapi, California
People like photographs of people. Images with humanness will get noticed more than ones without. This photograph was a major crop--I was not nearly as close to the bike rider than this picture suggests. I cut out about 85% of the original capture to create this.
Leafless Tree - Tehachapi, California
This image is about textures and space. The grass gives texture to the bottom of the image and the tree adds texture to the nearly textureless sky. The image is divided by these textures (positive and negative spaces). The tree is placed in the left side of the frame, but it extends over to the upper right, giving balance.
This photograph was also a major crop, with about 80% of the original capture removed. A fence did not allow me to get as close as I would have liked, so I "zoomed" by cropping.

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