Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Photography Year In Review - 2012 - Part 2

Part 1

I didn't finish what I started nearly two months ago, which was to show some of my favorite photographs that I captured last year. Sometimes I get busy, or some other "life" stuff happens, and it can be difficult to keep up with this Blog. No one pays me to write this stuff. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy sharing my photography knowledge and insight with others, but it can be difficult sometimes to keep it up.

These images (which are in no particular order) were captured roughly in the middle third of 2012 using a Samsung NX200, Samsung NX210, Pentax K-x, Pentax K-30 and a cell phone camera. Can you tell which are from which camera? Probably not. This is further proof that equipment isn't important.
The Beach After Sunset - San Diego, California
Fireworks Over Mission Bay - San Diego, California
Wet White Pedals - San Diego, California
Slip Through A Tear In The Fabric of the World - Lake Isabella, California
Moon Over Silver Queen Mine - Mojave, California
Hot Kitchen - Goodyear, Arizona
Setting Sun Soldier - Tehachapi, California
Abandoned Boot - Mojave, California
Mojave August Sunrise - Mojave, California
Artificial - Tehachapi, California
Salute To Freedom - Tehachapi, California
Mortar Man - Tehachapi, California
Joshua Tree Leaves At Sunrise - Palmdale, California
What Lies Ahead - Tehachapi, California
Ball Defying Gravity - Hesperia, California
CSX Container, BNSF Train - Bakersfield, California
Morning Creosote - Mojave, California
Reflections of Life - Scottsdale, Arizona
Mojave Morning - Rosamond, California
Step - Tehachapi, California
Gathering Pollen - Tehachapi, California
Trees In The Morning Mountains - Tehachapi, California
Learning Blocks - Bakersfield, California
Tehachapi Mountain Tunnel - Tehachapi, California
Negative Energy - Bakersfield, California
Emu Stare - Mojave, California
Buffalo Horn - Mojave, California

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