Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thought Of The Day: Keep It Simple

I was asked if there is one piece of advice that I'd give to someone who wants to improve their photography, what would that advice be?

I thought about this for awhile, and came up with all sorts of possible answers. I could talk about equipment (and how it isn't important), or great light, or contrast, or composition, or any number of other things. But those things aren't necessarily the most important topic to discuss if I can only discuss one.

The one piece of advice that I'd give is to keep it simple. Don't include too many different items in the frame. Move closer! Make the point of the photograph obvious. A clear and concise image is almost always stronger than a complex one.
Wheat Grass - Tehachapi, California
Notice how this photograph is simple with no distractions.
Why? Because photography is a form of non-verbal communication, and clear and concise communication is easy to understand. If it is difficult to tell what the point of the photograph is, people won't spend much time looking at it.

So make the point of the photograph obvious. Cut out of the frame anything that distracts from that point. Keep it simple.

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