Thursday, March 21, 2013

News: Canon Announces Two New DSLRs: T5i and SL1

Canon just announced two new DSLRs: the Rebel T5i and the tiny Rebel SL1.

The T5i is a slightly improved T4i. By slightly, I mean slightly. From what I can tell, the biggest difference is that "Scene Mode" has been added to the main dial. The T5i also has "digital zoom" which is nothing more than zooming by cropping. Beyond that, the T5i and the T4i are the same camera.

DxOMark tested the T4i, and it did not perform well at all when compared to similar cameras. However, it apparently has great video capabilities. So if you will be using the camera for video a lot, you might excuse the less-than-stellar still photography results.

The SL1 will be the smallest and lightest DSLR on the market, just a little smaller and lighter than the Pentax K-30. It is essentially a Rebel T3i in a smaller body. This camera is for those who like the size and weight of a compact interchangeable-lens camera, but prefer using an actual SLR.

I can see the SL1 as a good option for travel photography, but, according to DxOMark, you'll get significantly better image quality from the Pentax K-30 than from the 18 megapixel Canon sensor. The K-30 is weather sealed and has a pentaprism viewfinder. Yes, the SL1 is smaller and lighter, but not by much. If you shop around, you can currently find the K-30 for less than what the SL1 will be.

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