Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Railroad Photographs

I've captured quite a few railroad photographs since moving to Tehachapi, California about a year-and-a-half ago. Trains run through some beautiful scenery in California, and I'm in an ideal location to capture that.

These photographs are the favorites of the ones that I've created. I used a Pentax K-x, Pentax K-30, Samsung NX200, Samsung NX210, and a cell phone to capture these. Can you tell which are from which camera? Probably not, and that's because vision is far more important then equipment.

Most of these images were captured over the last year. A few are a little older than that, but not many. They are in no particular order. Enjoy!
Clasped - Tehachapi, California
The smaller details can be more interesting than larger picture. 
Roadway - Caliente, California
Timing is important. This photograph would have been far less interesting without the car on the road and without the Roadway trailer.
Orange Train, Green Hills - Caliente, California
This image works because of the color contrast between orange-red and green.
Old Tracks - McKinney, Texas
Railroad photographs don't have to include a train.
On Top of Tunnel 10 - Tehachapi, California
Photographing from a different vantage point can make a huge difference to the outcome of an image.
Horsepower - Tehachapi, California
This image is about the juxtaposition of the horses and the term horsepower.
Fast Freight - Cajon Pass, California
Color contrast and the captured movement is what makes this image interesting.
Four Windmills and Train - Tehachapi, California
Rail Lines - Tehachapi, California
BNSF Through The Snow - Tehachapi, California
D Container - Tehachapi, California
A double exposure of a derail sign and a freight container.
Freight Train At Day's End - Tehachapi, California
Tehachapi Mountain Railroading - Bealville, California
Go Into The Unknown - Tehachapi, California
Artificial - Tehachapi, California
Model railroads can make interesting photographs, too.
Tehachapi Mountain Tunnel - Tehachapi, California
Abandoned, Forgotten - Tehachapi, California
Railroad junk can be interesting.
Lady In Red - Tehachapi, California
Adding human interest can make a boring image into an interesting one.
The Nature of Rail Lines - Tehachapi, California
Double exposure of rails and a leaf.
Excitement At The Loop - Tehachapi, California
People like photographs with people in them.
BNSF From Above - Bealville, California
Train and Signal - Tehachapi, California
Three Hoses - Tehachapi, California
The Rule of Three applied.
What Lies Ahead - Tehachapi, California
The Train doesn't have to be front-and-center in photographs.
Three Hose Couplings - Tehachapi, California
Ties That Bind - Tehachapi, California
Crazy Bird - Caliente, California
AJAX - Needles, California
Industrial Dust - Tehachapi, California
The Railroad doesn't have to be the main point of an image.
Building America - Bealville, California
Monolith - Tehachapi, California
Context can be important to a photograph.
Filming The Train - Tehachapi, California
People like pictures of people.
Diagonal Line - Bealville, California
Look for railroad related items that are found near the tracks.
CSX Container, BNSF Train - Bakersfield, California
Rainbow Train - Tehachapi, California
No special effects here, just the headlights hitting the lens just right.
Signal Stand and Moving Train - Tehachapi, California
Monolith Cement - Tehachapi, California
The railroad aspect of this image is subtle.
Nut and Washer - Tehachapi, California
This is a closeup of a signal tower.
Crossing The Tracks - Flagstaff, Arizona
Photographs of trains can (and probably should) tell a story.
Quick Train - Tehachapi, California

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