Saturday, March 16, 2013

Roesch Photography Blog Is Two Years Old

Wow, time sure does fly! This Blog is two years old today. That's hard to believe.

It all started with this post: Does The Photographer Make The Scene Or Does The Scene Make The Photograph? I had originally written that article for a stock photography website, and I received some positive feedback, so I created this Blog and published it here as the first post.
Dam Exit - Hoover Dam, Nevada/Arizona
An image from that first Blog post.
I did not know at that time what I wanted to achieve with this Blog. I practically ignored it for the first few months, got a little more serious after that, and got real serious about it roughly one year ago. Since then the traffic to this Blog has more than quintupled, and I've even been quoted a few times on more visited internet sites.

Over that time my photography has improved by leaps-and-bounds. I've been active with a camera since I enrolled in Photography 101 at college 15 years ago, but the largest jump in improved photography skill has happened since I started sharing here. So this Blog has actually helped me more than it has helped anyone else, but I sure hope that my ramblings and my images have helped others, as well.

I had several photographs published in a book, and self-published a limited-edition book. That's pretty cool, I think.

I want to give a big shout-out to someone who has been following this Blog since the very beginning (I believe since that very first post). Indalecio Garcia, a creative photographer in Bogota, Columbia, is that someone. Thank you for coming with me on this journey!

Some interesting posts from those first few months are Going Retro (a post about film cameras becoming more trendy), How To Get Started In Photography, Parts OneTwo, Three, Four, Five and Six, Your Camera Doesn't Matter, and Capturing or Interpreting.

Here are some of my favorite photographs (in no particular order) from those early posts:
Green Triangles - Phoenix, Arizona
The Mad Scientist - Phoenix, Arizona
Greg Flesch - Phoenix, Arizona
Guitar And Amp - Phoenix, Arizona
Cronin House Peaks - Phoenix, Arizona
Flower About To Bloom - Phoenix, Arizona
Arizona Hills - Quartzsite, Arizona
Ladder And Wall - Cane Brake, California
This image was published in a book.
Wet Pier - Goodyear, Arizona
Horse Speak - Onyx, California
This image was published in a book.
Cathedral Rock At Red Rock Crossing - Sedona, Arizona
Hedgehog Cactus At Sunset - Goodyear, Arizona
Green And Red - Cane Brake, California
This image was published in a book.
Headlight - Lake Isabella, California
Rock And River - Kernville, California
Man At Shoshone Point - Grand Canyon, Arizona
Hazy Canyon - Grand Canyon, Arizona
Sunrise Over Vishnu Temple - Grand Canyon, Arizona

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