Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Has Sprung (Photographs of Flowers)

Today is the first day of spring! To celebrate the new season, I created these images over the weekend (Saturday late-afternoon and Sunday morning). The wildflowers were just beginning to cover the green fields and the cherry trees were in bloom, so it was an ideal time.

I recently showed my favorite flower images in a post, so this is a good follow-up. I used a Samsung NX210 compact interchangeable-lens digital camera to create these.
Vibrant Daffodil - Tehachapi, California
The only reason this image works is because of color contrast (yellow and blue).
Cherry Blossom #1 - Tehachapi, California
Cherry Blossom #2 - Tehachapi, California
I like the "painterly" quality of this image.
Bluebonnet - Keene, California
The grey background is the shadow side of a metal light post.
Bluebonnet in Field of Green - Keene, California
Golden Bloom - Keene, California
Crown of Flowers - Keene, California
Hummingbird Bloom - Bealville, California
This is a massive crop--about 92% of the original image was removed. If you have enough resolution, you can "zoom" by cropping. This is another example of color contrast.
Three Poppies - Caliente, California
The power of three.
Bluebonnet Hill - Caliente, California
Flower Crown Sunset - Keene, California 
Gathering Cherry Pollen #1 - Stallion Springs, California
Gathering Cherry Pollen #2 - Stallion Springs, California