Sunday, March 3, 2013

Trains at Bealville And Caliente, California

Caliente, California is a very small community located in the Tehachapi Mountains in central California. It was first settled in the 1870's during a gold rush, and was an important supply town for those in the higher mountains. It's a beautiful location, especially in the spring when the hills are green.

Caliente is one of those towns that you have to purposefully choose to travel through. There is no highway or major road that cuts across the community. Caliente-Bodfish Road is the main thoroughfare. Back in the 1800's this was an important road for the miners and early settlers. Now it is almost forgotten.

An even smaller (but just as historic) community sits just one mile south of Caliente called Bealville. There are only a couple of houses left in this tiny town, and most traces of what Bealville once was are completely gone.

The one thing that these two communities have in common is the railroad. Trains pass these places constantly as they traverse the Tehachapi Pass, either going towards or away from the Tehachapi Loop. Railroad enthusiasts and photographers looking for trains to photograph frequent these forgotten towns.

These images were captured yesterday using a Samsung NX210 camera with an 18mm-55mm lens. There is so much resolution in this camera that you can "zoom" by cropping, so long telephoto lenses are optional.
Train In The Hills - Bealville, California
J.B. Hunt Tunnel - Bealville, California
Diagonal Line - Bealville, California
Four BNSF Locomotives - Bealville, California 
Orange Train, Green Hills - Caliente, California
Roadway - Caliente, California

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