Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Photographer's Journey, Update 2

I've been working on a photography project for a week-and-a-half now, called A Photographer's Journey. Put simply, I'm photographing myself photographing. Someone asked me if that's narcissistic, and I don't believe so. I'm not photographing myself because I can't get enough of me, but because this project is challenging.

You can view the project here. If you scroll down to the bottom of the linked page, there is a link that says "Feed" and that is how you can more easily follow this project.

Without further ado, here are the new images:
Eye Sea Read - Tehachapi, California
The title is a play on words. I originally wanted to title it "I See Red" but thought it should be more abstract. The image itself is more of an adventure in "graphic design" than I typically do. I converted the image to black-and-white, then reversed it into a negative, and then did a channel color swap to make the image red and blue (and back to a positive). The choice of red with the Russian camera is purposeful. 
Film Study - Tehachapi, California
I'm not holding a camera, but I am holding film.
Double Negative - Tehachapi, California
I wanted to create an image where I'm holding a negative and that is reversed into a negative image. The negative in the image would turn into a positive. In the above photograph, the image you see on the film is Three Agave

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