Monday, April 1, 2013

A Photographer's Journey

Spring Garden Growth - Redlands, California
This is a new project of mine that began on March 28, 2013. It is called A Photographer's Journey.

In its simplest description, this project is me photographing me while photographing. But it is much more than that. This is a journey. I'm looking deeper into myself and the images that I create. There will be both difficulty and discovery on this path.

Ghost Garage - Redlands, California
I am not a model and I don't pretend to be one or want to be one. I'm a photographer, and I am most comfortable behind the camera. I cringe when I have to be in front of it. In many ways I am an introvert. This project is a challenge for me because it makes me uncomfortable. I am hoping that this uneasiness will cause me to grow as an individual and as a photographer.

Another challenge is capturing authentic images while not being behind the camera. There is a bit of staging involved with each photograph, and I cannot change that. For the images to feel real I need them to seem natural. So I'm either actually photographing something in the photographs or the images were very spontaneous. I'm keeping the staging to an absolute minimum.
Viewfinder Reflection - Redlands, California
A tripod is essential to this project, but not all of the photographs here benefited from a tripod. Self-timer and "interval shooting" modes are heavily relied on, as well.

I'm not sure at this time how long this project will continue or how many photographs I will create. I figure I'll know when I'm done.
Camera In Hand - Redlands, California
I created a Flickr account for this project. That is where you will find the photographs and that is where you should check for updates. Click here to visit my Flickr page.

Visit the Flickr page. Check back often. Enjoy!

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