Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Favorite Blog Posts

Yesterday I told you what my favorite photography websites are. Today I will tell you what posts from this Blog are my favorites.

Ignore the "Popular Posts" to the right. Those are the most viewed posts, but none of them are the best posts. The best posts on this Blog are often the least viewed. People are only interested in information on equipment, but equipment isn't important. Very few are interested in what truly matters in photography.

My favorite Blog posts (in no particular order) are:

The Artist Photographer 

Photographic Vision - What It Is And How To Get It

Photography Isn't Documenting. Photography Is Interpreting.

What Is Art? Are You A Creator? 

Two Essentials To Becoming A Professional Photographer

Things I Wasn't Taught In Photography School

Camera Envy

The Decisive Moment

Convenience or Quality?

The Adventure of Photography

Your Camera Doesn't Matter, Ever

War Photographs: The Untold Story of Plastic Army Men

Abandonment: George Air Force Base Housing

Photograph Into The Sun

People Want New Cameras

What Makes A Photograph Great

What Is Important In Photography

Tell A Story With Your Photographs

Why Personal Style Is Important In Photography

Albert Einstein On Photography

How To Improve Your Photography In 5 Steps

There are plenty of other good posts, too, if you dig around. If people would worry less about equipment and more about what truly matters in photography, they would see their images significantly improve.

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