Thursday, April 25, 2013

My New Film Camera - Minolta XG-1 SLR

I got a real good deal on a used SLR yesterday. For $80 I got a fully-functioning (and in good shape) Minolta XG-1 SLR, five quality lenses (including a 500mm), a bunch of filters and other accessories, and a decent tripod. Oh, and an old but fully functioning camera back for it all to neatly fit in. That's a pretty darn good deal!

I love shooting film. Film is still better than digital. Cameras are devolving, and this old relic is better than most digital cameras today. The reason so many (myself included) reach for DSLRs instead of film cameras is that the digital camera is much more convenient. People choose convenience over quality in photography, and this is a trend that has been going on for 100 years.

Vision is what matters most in photography, not cameras or equipment, so who cares? I don't. I'm happy to use my cell phone camera. But there is something about using a film camera in manual mode to create art that just seems more genuine, more organic. Maybe it is just me, because viewers don't care if the image is film or digital. Even so, I will have fun with this new toy.

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