Monday, May 27, 2013

A Photographer's Journey Update

I've been working on my personal photography project, A Photographer's Journey, for two months now. In its most simplest description, it is me photographing me while photographing.

I mentioned at the very beginning that I wanted the images to look natural, as if I were photographing someone other than myself. To facilitate that, in many of the images, I've been actually capturing photographs while being photographed (as opposed to just pretending).
Dusk Photographer - Stallion Springs, California
The photograph above is a good example of that. I'm capturing the image below while being photographed by myself (with help from the self-timer and a tripod). The image below is what I was creating while simultaneously creating the image above. That is the heart of what A Photographer's Journey is about.
Lake At Dusk - Stallion Springs, California
One thing that has been a challenge is balancing the literal and the interpretive definitions of this project. Dusk Photographer is a very literal definition. Through The Lens (below) is a very interpretive definition. Hopefully, with both literal and interpretive photographs, there is a complete story.
Through The Lens - Stallion Springs, California

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