Monday, May 13, 2013

Cell Phone Pictures

It's been a while since I've posted cell phone photographs. I try to have a camera with me whenever I'm out-and-about, so there hasn't been a "need" for a cell phone camera. Over the last eight months, the majority of my cell phone images have been snapshots.

I did, however, find myself without any camera except for my cell phone, and in front of a scene that I wanted to capture. No problem! The cell phone camera is a perfectly capable photographic tool. Even my 15-month-old "free" cell phone is perfectly fine for this.
Desert Mine - Mojave, California
The above image was captured and post-processed using my cell phone. Within two minutes of capturing this photograph I had it uploaded to Facebook. If I wanted to make a print, this image would be fine as an 8"x10" (with the sides cropped) or 8"x12" (with the top and/or bottom cropped).

Equipment isn't important. Photographic vision is.

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