Friday, May 10, 2013

From 4,000' Above (A New Photography Project)

Valley Flight - Stallion Springs, California
I just started a new personal photography project entitled From 4,000' Above. This project is photographs of the southern end of California's Central Valley captured from approximately 4,000' above it.

What attracts me to this project is the Central Valley's haze. At 4,000', you are above the gunk in the air, and the valley below is obscured. It is more about subtle lines, shapes and shades than fine details.
The Valley Below - Stallion Springs, California
I will be updating this project often, so please check back soon. Also, visit my Flickr account to view the entire project.

My other ongoing personal photography project A Photographer's Journey is updated often, so if you have not checked it out recently, be sure to do so.
Reflected Through A Window - Stallion Springs, California

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