Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Photographer Chase Jarvis' Dream Shoot For Samsung

I saw this today and just had to share. Renown photographer Chase Jarvis was commissioned by Samsung to photograph his dream. And he did!
Chase Jarvis by Chase Jarvis

Two things struck me about this. First, photographic vision is the absolute most important thing in photography. If you don't have vision, you won't create great images. Second, my own personal project, A Photographer's Journey, has a lot of room for growth, and sometimes it takes an image like the one above to give me a metaphoric kick in the pants.
Me Two - Stallion Springs, California
The only thing any photographer (myself included) is limited by is imagination. If one can dream it, one can literally create a photograph of it, no matter how crazy the dream. The only one stopping you is you. The only one stopping me is me. I need to remove my self-imposed barriers. 

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