Monday, May 20, 2013

Photography Is Never About Equipment

It is good to see some non-equipment posts get some attention here. The vast majority of people come to this Blog looking for information on equipment. Almost no one comes here for anything else. So when I see recent posts on a train derailment, ducks and elk get some attention, that makes me glad.
Country Elk #1 - Stallion Springs, California
People seem to think that a better camera, lens or software package will get them better photographs. Nonsense! Photography is about vision and the decisive moment, and nothing else. You can craft great images with a home-built camera if you want to. It has nothing to do with equipment.
Curious Duck - Tehachapi, California
The photographs you see here in this post were created with what some would call (and have called) sub-par cameras, using sub-par "kit" lenses, and post-processed using free software. Does that matter? No. But it does demonstrate that what is in the photographer's mind is far more important than what is in the photographer's hands.
Train Derailment - Tehachapi, California
Unfortunately, most people don't understand this, and they spend hours and hours trying to find out the small, insignificant differences in equipment. They fail to understand that cameras are devolving. So in order to drive traffic to this Blog (in hopes that someone will stumble upon the meat and potatoes here), I have to post about equipment--that is what people want to read. That is why I'm thankful to all who have visited my other pages, unconcerned about equipment.

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