Friday, May 31, 2013

Photography Tip Of The Day: Don't Worry About What Camera You Do Or Do Not Own

Take a look at this recent post of mine. Go ahead, look at the images, and come back.

Does it matter what camera I used to create those photographs? Was it a Canon 5D? Nikon D800? Does anyone really care what camera I used? I can tell you that I don't care what camera I used.

But do you want to know? Well, it was a "free" cell phone camera. Yes, those are cell phone images! Does it matter? No.

What is my point? Don't worry about what camera you do or don't own. Use what camera you have! With photographic vision, you can use any equipment to create your art. It doesn't matter what camera you use. It doesn't matter how expensive or inexpensive that camera is.

There are plenty of great photographers out there that are using surprisingly "bad" equipment to create fantastic images. And there are plenty of people who own "great" equipment who can't create even one great photograph. It is never about the camera.

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