Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shadow Photographs

Sometimes I notice a theme with images that I've captured. For one reason or another, I find that I've gravitated toward a certain subject more than others. One that I recently noticed is shadows.

The photographs below all have shadows as the main subject (or at least a major element of the subject). Many different cameras were used, and it doesn't really matter which ones. Vision is important, not cameras. They are in no particular order.
Shadow Catcher - Stallion Springs, California
Shadows On Brick - Surprise, Arizona
Cactus Man - Surprise, Arizona
The shadow isn't "front-and-center" in this image, but it is what I think makes it interesting.
Slip Through A Tear In The Fabric Of The World - Lake Isabella, California
The shadow is really subtle in this image, but it is what gives this image meaning (hint: look for the "drowning man" at the bottom right).
Broken Window Shadow - Victorville, California
Floor Lines - Scottsdale, Arizona
Broken Window Shadow - Victorville, California
Shadow Floor - Victorville, California
Shadow Thought - Tehachapi, California
Shadow Mortar - Tehachapi, California
Gunman Shadow - Tehachapi, California
Plant Shadows - Anaheim, California
Telephone Pole Shadow - Tehachapi, California

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