Friday, May 10, 2013

Two Photography Lessons (Pentax K-30 Images)

I'm a big proponent of always bring your camera with you and also great photographs are right under your nose. Beauty is all around us if we just look.

Yesterday I visited a local antique store in Tehachapi, California. Because I brought along my Pentax K-30 DSLR, I was able to capture a few photographs. These images would not have been possible if I had left my camera at home.

Yesterday I also captured a few photographs right in my front yard. You don't even need to leave home to create interesting images. Actively look for photographic opportunities wherever you are.
Dumpster Sock - Tehachapi, California
This was found behind the antique store. 
Red Tips - Tehachapi, California
This was inside the antique store, back-lit by a window. Red and green are contrasting colors, so they really pop when placed together in an image.
Young & Old - Tehachapi, California
I liked the thematic contrast of the young boy in the store full of old stuff.
Poppy Flower Field - Stallion Springs, California
This was created at my home.
Little Flowers - Stallion Springs, California
This was also found growing in my yard.
Circle Poppy - Stallion Springs, California
Again, this was growing in my front yard. Nearly perfectly round poppies are actually more difficult to find than it might seem.  

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