Monday, May 6, 2013

Updates (Arizona Trip, Minolta XG-1, A Photographer's Journey, & Railroad Signal)

I spent the weekend in Arizona for my cousin's wedding. It was a good (but quick) trip. I was not the wedding photographer, but I did get a sneak peak at the wedding images. Photographer Jonathan Tamayo did a good job and the bride and groom will be happy with their photo album.

The only camera I brought with me was a Minolta XG-1 SLR. This was the first time giving this camera a spin, so I'm  anxious to get the film back from North Coast. I only brought along one roll of 36 exposure Fuji Velvia 100 and one roll of 24 exposure Ilford Delta 400. Someone gave me a 24 exposure roll of Kodak Gold 400, which I also used.
Me Two - Tehachapi, California
I very recently moved, so my personal project A Photographer's Journey has taken a back seat over the last couple of weeks. However, I have gotten around to it a couple of times and I expect to really get it back on track over the coming days. So check it out and check back often!
Obscurity - Tehachapi, California
Finally, scenes change often. You can photograph a location, and a few months, weeks, days or even hours later it can be significantly different. That happened in Tehachapi, California. The Union Pacific Railroad replaced an historic signal that has been a landmark in the quaint town for some time.
Train and Signal - Tehachapi, California
I'm not sure when the railroad installed the old signals, but they were in use for a long, long time. Steam locomotives originally passed underneath. But it's torn down now, replaced with more modern signals.
Freight Train At Day's End - Tehachapi, California
It is a reminder that if you want to photograph something, do it. Don't wait too long, or else it may be gone. Don't put things off, because you never know if you'll really have another chance.

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