Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Album Artwork: Dig Here, Said The Angel - Daniel Amos - Update

I just learned that at least one photograph of mine will be incorporated into Daniel Amos' upcoming album Dig Here, Said The Angel. Only the cover has been finalized, and there is a reasonable chance that one or more of my images will be used elsewhere (inside the booklet or on the case). I'm really excited about this because I have so much respect for this band as artists. I'm very honored to be a part of their work, however big or small.

There are actually 23 separate pieces of art on the album cover (the main art is by Memo Salazar). My photograph can be seen toward the bottom right. The image in its entirety is below. It looks like they boosted the color and contrast a little.
Dig Into My Heart - Tehachapi, California

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