Thursday, June 6, 2013

Extraordinary Ordinary - Photographs of The Ho-Hum

I sometimes notice that I photograph some subjects more than others. Some recent examples of this are flowerstrainsroads and carsbeesshadows, and film cameras. I'll be publishing more posts like these in the coming weeks and months.

In the very first post on this Blog, I typed, "...a truly great photographer can and should find the art in the ordinary." It was accompanied by the image below.
Lampshade - Goodyear, Arizona
"The ordinary" are things that we pass maybe once, maybe several times each day, yet are unnoticed, unappreciated and rarely photographed. Those things that at first glance may not seem worth the time of day are what are featured here on this post.

I love to photograph the ordinary because I like to show people the unnoticed beauty that is all around them if they'd only look. Ordinary things are often the simple things, and simple photographs tend to be stronger than complex scenes.

These are in no particular order and captured over the last two-and-a-half years with a bunch of different cameras.
Cinder Blocks - Victorville, California
Small Lifesaver - Surprise, Arizona
Dumpster Sock - Tehachapi, California
Water Valve - Stallion Springs, California
Washer And Nut - Tehachapi, California
Step - Tehachapi, California
Adversity - Palmdale, California
Nut And Washer - Tehachapi, California
Two Cans - Tehachapi, California
Wires, Clouds - Tehachapi, California
Snow Stump - Tehachapi, California
Floor Lines - Scottsdale, Arizona
Three Stripes - Allen, Texas
The Beauty Of Change - Tehachapi, California
Robot Boy - Amarillo, Texas
Yellow - Flagstaff, Arizona
Burnt Corner - Victorville, California
Remnants of the Past - Victorville, California
Winged Nut - Hesperia, California
Two Wrenches - Hesperia, California
Forgotten Memories - Rosamond, California
Four Jarritos - San Diego, California
Broken Fence - Ilmon, California
Pipes - Tehachapi, California
Lost Wishes - Tehachapi, California
Peg Board - Goodyear, Arizona
Red Lamp - Anaheim, California
Yellow Post - Palmdale, California
Auto Spkr - Palmdale, California
Waste Circles - Bakersfield, California
Doctor Office Jars - Tehachapi, California
Seed Protector - Palmdale, California
Two Chairs - Tehachapi, California
Picket Fence And Wall - Tehachapi, California
Green Triangles - Tehachapi, California
Vent Hose - Tehachapi, California
No Dumpster Diving - Tehachapi, California

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