Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Greatest Photography Quotes

Way back in December 2011 I posted some great photography quotes by several well-known photographers. I've also posted quotes of Albert Einstein on photography.

Someone asked me if I were to be quoted, what sayings would I wish to have repeated. I never really thought about this before, as I'm sure Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson and others were not expecting their words to be repeated for decades and decades.

So I've gone back through this Blog and picked quotes here-and-there that I think are worth repeating (little nuggets of wisdom, if you will). Maybe something will resonate with you. I hope this does not come across as narcissistic, because I do not mean it that way. This is just for fun. I threw in several unrelated photographs just to break up the text.

The order of the quotes is from oldest to most recent.
"I think beauty is all around us and we experience it every day--whether we notice it or not is another story. I attempt to take notice and document it in photographs." --Ritchie Roesch 
"If you are a good photographer you can use any camera and make good photographs. If you are not a good photographer you can use even the most expensive camera and still not make good photographs." --Ritchie Roesch
"The camera does not make a photograph great, the photographer does." --Ritchie Roesch
"The photographer's capability is far more important than the camera's." --Ritchie Roesch
"In the hands of a skilled photographer, any camera is capable of creating amazing works of art." --Ritchie Roesch
Sunrise At Cadillac Ranch - Amarillo, Texas 
"Great photographs are elusive things. You have to hunt them out." --Ritchie Roesch
"Worry less about what equipment you own, and worry more about how to make better photographs." --Ritchie Roesch
"Don't get caught up in thinking you need this or that to make successful photographs. Instead of spending money and time looking for new equipment, learn how to become a better photographer." --Ritchie Roesch
"Keep your photographs as simple as possible to communicate as clearly as possible." --Ritchie Roesch
"The quality of the camera matters much less than the photographer's ability to create something compelling with it." --Ritchie Roesch
Inorganic Boy - Palmdale, California 
"You want to be original. You want your own voice heard through your images. You want your photographs to reflect your unique perspective." --Ritchie Roesch
"Art is not science. Art has no rules. It's creative, messy, sometimes illogical. Art must provoke some kind of emotional response." --Ritchie Roesch
"Great art rarely happens when one is comfortable." --Ritchie Roesch
"People worry far too much about the minor and insignificant details of equipment and far too little about the major and significant details that make up great photographs." --Ritchie Roesch
"There is a lesson to be learned with each image, so there more I photograph, the better of a photographer I become." --Ritchie Roesch
Cinder Blocks - Victorville, California 
"A few seconds of extra effort before opening the shutter can save a few minutes in front of a computer later." --Ritchie Roesch
"Photography is painting with light. Without light there is no photograph. Without great light there is no great photograph." --Ritchie Roesch
"Don't worry about what camera you own or don't own. Use what you have the best you can, and you'll be surprised at what you can create." --Ritchie Roesch
"When people look at your photographs, they don't care what camera and lens was used to capture it. They don't care about f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, or white balance. They don't care what size the sensor is or how many megapixels it contains. They only care about the image in front of them and what it speaks to them." --Ritchie Roesch
"Creativity is far more important than equipment. Vision is most important." --Ritchie Roesch
Inside The Broken - Tehachapi, California 
"Photography is about vision and nothing else." --Ritchie Roesch
"Photography is biased." --Ritchie Roesch
"When you open the camera's shutter, you are making your own unique interpretation of that scene. You are telling a story in your own words and from your own unique perspective. You are conveying thoughts and emotions. Photography is a form of non-verbal communication." --Ritchie Roesch
"You must consider what thoughts and emotions you have about the scene, and figure out how to best communicate those through your photographs." --Ritchie Roesch
"Remove everything from your composition that doesn't convey what you are trying to communicate." --Ritchie Roesch
My Heart or My Grave? - Tehachapi, California
"It is not the scene that you should be attempting to capture, but what you think and feel about that scene." --Ritchie Roesch
"Photography is interpreting. When you put a piece of yourself into the photograph, that's when you are creating art." --Ritchie Roesch
"There are photographic opportunities each day just waiting to be discovered." --Ritchie Roesch
"Photography is a form of non-verbal communication. In order to be successful, one must communicate as clearly and deliberately as possible." --Ritchie Roesch
"Great photographs are orchestrated. Like a conductor leading a symphony, the photographer provides clarity to the scene." --Ritchie Roesch
Country Elk - Tehachapi, California
"Great photographs are never happy accidents." --Ritchie Roesch
"No one cares what cameras you own. No one cares what lenses you own. No one cares what software you use.  People only care about the photograph that they're viewing, and whether or not it strikes them in some way." --Ritchie Roesch
"As the day changes, as the weather changes, as the season changes, and as the environment changes, the subject also changes. Within that there are decisive moments when the subject is at its most dramatic. Even stationary objects have decisive moments." --Ritchie Roesch
"You want images that say something interesting. You want images that grab the viewer's attention. You want storyteller photographs." --Ritchie Roesch
"You must know what story you want to tell before you can begin to tell a story through a photograph. Images that tell a story begin in your creative mind." --Ritchie Roesch
Destroyed By Fire - Victorville, California 
"Often good stories are lost to poor storytelling. Ensure that only what is important to the story is included in the frame." --Ritchie Roesch
"Photography rules are meant to ensure consistently good photographs, but rarely allow for great photographs. Great images often happen when the rules are thrown out the window." --Ritchie Roesch
"Learning how to make something meaningful with a camera is not easy." --Ritchie Roesch
"There is a misconception that a photograph is truthful. Certainly you have heard of 'photographic evidence' and that 'pictures never lie.' But every picture lies, or at least isn't completely truthful. The photographer is biased, choosing how to compose the image (what to include and exclude) and what settings the camera should have. The camera and lens (and film, if applicable) are biased, too, with regard to color, contrast, hue, dynamic range, sharpness, etc., etc." --Ritchie Roesch
"A photograph is a tiny moment in time that is taken out of context." --Ritchie Roesch
Roadway - Caliente, California 
"The knowledge that photographs are not reality, but glimpses of obscured reality, is enlightening. Since you cannot capture reality, you have the freedom to make an image whatever you want it to be. You can create your own reality." --Ritchie Roesch
"Don't worry about what camera you do or don't own. Use what camera you have! With photographic vision, you can use any equipment to create your art. It doesn't matter what camera you use. It doesn't matter how expensive or inexpensive that camera is." --Ritchie Roesch
"Anyone can snap pictures, but it takes an artist to create something meaningful with an exposure." --Ritchie Roesch 

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