Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Photographs of Sunrises and Sunsets

Sometimes I notice that I photograph some subjects more often than others. Like most photographers, I'm attracted to the rising and setting sun, and I've got a whole lot of photographs of  sunrises and sunsets.

Truly great sunrises and sunsets don't happen often and you have to be willing to sit through a bunch of "ordinary" ones in order to capture the extraordinary ones. It takes a lot of trying in order to achieve.

Sunrises can begin as early as 40 minutes prior to the sun actually cresting the horizon, and sunsets can last as long as 40 minutes after the sun has gone down. I also like to stay for at least 30 minutes after a sunrise and begin at least 30 minutes before a sunset. 

The photographs below were captured over the last two years using a whole bunch of different cameras, including a Samsung NX200, Samsung NX210, Pentax K-30, and several others, including a cell phone. What cameras I used isn't really all that important. Vision is what matters most.

These images are in no particular order.
Moon Over Desert Sunrise - Mojave, California
Sunrise at Cadillac Ranch - Amarillo, Texas 
Dandelion Sunset - Stallion Springs, California
California Sunset - Stallion Springs, California
Hedgehog Cactus - Goodyear, Arizona
Sunrise and sunset photographs don't have to be in color.
Mojave August Sunrise - Mojave, California
At The Edge of Tomorrow - Stallion Springs, California
Xtra Truck Reflection - Blythe, California
Flower Crown Sunset - Keene, California
Sunrise Over Vishnu Temple - Grand Canyon, Arizona
Four Windmills and Train - Tehachapi, California
The Beach After Sunset - San Diego, California
Setting Sun Soldier - Tehachapi, California
Joshua Tree Leaves At Sunrise - Palmdale, California
Joshua Tree Sunrise - Rosamond, California
Morning Creosote - Mojave, California
Mojave Morning - Rosamond, California
Sunset Through Broken Glass - Victorville, California
Morning At Cadillac Ranch - Amarillo, Texas
Early Morning Colors - Palmdale, California
Mojave Desert Colors - Rosamond, California
California Desert Sunrise - Mojave, California
Eyeglass Sunset - Tehachapi, California
Smokey Sunset - Tehachapi, California
Creosote Sunrise #1 - Mojave, California
Gas Station Sunset - Ehrenburg, Arizona
Melon Vine - Lake Isabella, California
July Sunrise #2 - Mojave, California
Mojave Sunrise - Mojave, California
Sunrise Over The Desert - Mojave, California
Ocean Sunset - Desert Center, California
Desert Bush Sunrise - Rosamond, California
Crow Sunrise - Tehachapi, California
Joshua Tree Sunrise - Rosamond, California
Smoke Sunset - Coachella, California
Joshua Tree, Lava Sky - Rosamond, California
Burning Bush - Rosamond, California
Morning Sun Over The Mojave Desert - Rosamond, California
Mojave Desert Sunrise - Rosamond, California
Sunrise Tracks - Lancaster, California
Golden Field - Tehachapi, California
Two Contrails - Rosamond, California
Railroad Signal At Sunrise - Lancaster, California
Desert Dawn #2 - Rosamond, California
Morning Prison - Palmdale, California
Contrails At Sunset - Hesperia, California
Coal Train At Sunrise - Mojave, California

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