Monday, June 10, 2013

Vision Is What Matters Most In Photography (Dream In Colour)

Vision is what matters most in photography. Everything else comes a long distance behind that. If you don't have vision, you don't have anything.

Take the photograph below, for example. It is a surfboard resting on the sand of the most wildly colorful beach in the world. It is an aerial photograph, as well. A photographer doesn't just happen upon something like that. No, he creates it!
Surfboard And Sand
You may be wondering where the beach is that has such intense sand. Well, the photographer literally created it. 

You see, I'm working on an image to submit to Billabong's Dream In Colour photography contest. I might submit this one. I'm working on a couple other ideas for possible submission, as well. But I don't live near an ocean beach, nor do any beaches that are in the region look anything like the colorful sand in the image above. I don't have the means to get to a beach like this either. Heck, I don't even own a surfboard!

So how did I create the scene in the above image? First, I had an idea. I saw in my mind what I wanted to create. Next, I had to figure out how I would take the image in my mind and turn it into reality (this is the hard part). Once I did that, then I had to get the necessary materials. The surfboard is a seven inch model, and the sand is colored cornstarch. Then I put it all together (which was the easy part) and photographed it.

The only limitation to your photographs is your own imagination. Take this 14 year old, for example. Zev Hoover creates images that blow away most other photographers, and he does it by having photographic vision.

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