Thursday, July 11, 2013

Holga Lens For Digital Cameras

I totally missed this when it was introduced. I "discovered" it just yesterday, in fact. Holga makes their famous (infamous?) lenses available for most major brands of digital cameras. Awesome!

These lenses are apparently ready to go. Take off whatever lens is attached to the front of your DSLR or compact interchangeable-lens camera and pop on the Holga lens.
Happy To See You - Tehachapi, California
Captured with an actual Holga camera.
And for $15-$25 (depending on where you buy it), the lens is a great value. I've got one ordered, hopefully it will arrive next week.

In case you don't know, Holga cameras are cheap, plastic, medium-format film cameras from China. I purchased one for $20 and use it here and there. It is cheap and poorly built, but somehow that translates into interesting images. Holga photographs have character. It is an interesting camera.

While you can replicate Holga images with digital cameras using software, I find that it is rarely a 100% replication. Digital is still too clean. Somehow it doesn't completely translate, at least not for me. I'm hoping that using a Holga lens will take the files just a step further to getting that certain Holga feel.

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