Monday, July 1, 2013

Thought Of The Day: What Is Your Photographic Vision?

Pathway To The Soul - Tehachapi, California
The single most important thing in photography is vision. If you have vision, you have everything you need to create successful photographs. So what is your photographic vision?

If you could be known for just one photograph or even a handful of photographs, what would that look like? That is vision. That is your vision, actually.
Though The Lens - Stallion Springs, California
Vision is when you put a piece of yourself into an image. It is when the image isn't crafted by the camera, but by the photographer. It is when you have complete control of the outcome, from start to finish. Vision begins in your creative mind well before the shutter opens. Vision is what sees the concept through to the end.

It is most important to have vision, so ask yourself what your vision is. Discover within you what you want to create. Be an artist!

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