Monday, August 26, 2013

Travel Review: Indian Point Ostrich Ranch - Tehachapi, California

Two Ostrich - Tehachapi, California
I recently visited the Indian Point Ostrich Ranch in the mountain countryside outside of Tehachapi, California. This is both an active ranch and a tourist spot.

One is not likely to stumble across the Indian Point Ostrich Ranch by accident. It is tucked away in a little corner of the Tehachapi Mountains at the edge of nowhere. There are signs from the town of Tehachapi to guide the way, and it's not difficult to find if you are looking for it. The Boss Hog Ranch and the United Pegasus Foundation are nearby, both of which I recently posted about.
Looking Ostrich - Tehachapi, California
The guided tour took approximately 10 minutes. That may seem short, but one can only say so much about ostriches. I actually did an internet search of ostrich facts prior to the visit in hopes of stumping the tour guide, but our guide, Christina, had an answer to all of my tough questions.

There is an "ostrich bonding experience" that you may partake in where you can feed the large birds. The ostriches are friendly but hungry--in fact, one tried to eat my camera, but got my finger instead. It didn't hurt. This will add another five minutes to your trip.
Ostrich - Tehachapi, California
There are two stores on the property: an antique store and a gift shop. The antique store, called Wild Bird Antiques, is small, yet there are some interesting finds for you treasure hunters. The gift shop has many knickknacks and curios. Don't leave without some therapeutic ostrich oil lotion.

If you have kids, after the tour is complete, I recommend purchasing some beverages from the gift shop. Let the kids play on the playground while you relax at a bench under the shade of an umbrella sipping something cold. The playground has a couple slides, some swings and various other playground things--plenty to keep the little ones busy.
Wild Bird Antiques - Tehachapi, California
I wouldn't make a trip up the Tehachapi Mountains just to visit the Indian Point Ostrich Ranch (unless you really love large birds), but if you live in Tehachapi or are visiting Tehachapi and are looking for something to do, it is certainly worth your time and money. Speaking of money, the tour is $4 per person.

To see all of the Indian Point photographs, click here and view the set on Flickr.

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