Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Travel Review: Silver City Ghost Town - Bodfish, California

Wagon Wheel - Bodfish, California
The Silver City Ghost Town in Bodfish, California is an unusual tourist spot that is hard to describe. There is no Silver City in the area, and it isn't really a ghost town, either. But it is an interesting place nonetheless.

What Silver City Ghost Town is first and foremost is an antique store filled with many old treasures. If you like antiques and are in the area, it is worth stopping by.
Antique Lock - Bodfish, California
Silver City Ghost Town is also an historic museum. There are 20 buildings from the "old west" that have been relocated to this site. These structures were from the nearby settlements of Keyesville, Hot Springs, Claraville, Isabella, Whiskey Flat and other now-defunct towns. They are in various states of repair (or disrepair), and access is only allowed in a few of the structures. One building is claimed to be the oldest standing structure in the area, although the date that it was built is not supplied.

There is a $5.50 fee to take a self-guided tour of the old buildings. There is a small amount of historical information provided for most buildings (although not all), but some facts seem to be missing. It would be much better if the tour was guided, and for the cost of entrance it should be guided. Or, at least, more information should be available about the different structures.
Antique Industrial Design - Bodfish, California
There are a ton of old west artifacts scattered throughout the property. It is easy to overlook these, but perhaps these old items are the most interesting part of the museum.

I said that Silver City Ghost Town is not actually a ghost town, but it is supposedly haunted. Two of the buildings are claimed to be inhabited by spirits. Some have proclaimed it to be one of the most haunted locations in America. I didn't personally experience anything paranormal on my visit.
Through The Narrow Window - Bodfish, California
If you are into antiques, the old west, or the paranormal, then Silver City Ghost Town is an interesting stop in the Kern Valley of the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Otherwise, I'd keep driving.

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