Friday, September 27, 2013

Abandonment: Old Home In Mojave (I Was The Man Who Came Back)

About 16 months ago I photographed an old, abandoned and forgotten home in Mojave, California. This home is slowly being destroyed by the weather and vandals, and someday will be swallowed by the desert.

It is an interesting place. Perhaps not all that safe. There are glass and rusty nails strewn about. Parts of the building have partially or fully collapsed.

I imagine whoever it was that lived in the house worked at one of the nearby mines. Most of those mines have been closed for several decades now.

You can see the photographs that I captured (using a Samsung NX200) below.
Room With A View - Mojave, California
X - Mojave, California
Broken Home At Sunrise - Mojave, California
Light Switch On - Mojave, California
Wall Showing - Mojave, California
Fallen Roof - Mojave, California
Lost Home - Mojave, California
Desert Home - Mojave, California
Window And Wall - Tehachapi, California
Two days ago I returned to this house to get just a few more images. I was the man who came back. I didn't want to create the same photographs, but find the ones that I had missed before.

You can see the new photographs that I captured (using a Sigma DP2 Merrill) below.
Bent Nail - Mojave, California
Not Connected - Mojave, California
Blue Square - Mojave, California

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