Monday, September 30, 2013

Abandonment: Old Homestead - Lancaster, California

I have photographed many abandoned locations, such as the old George Air Force Base housing, the Boss Hog Ranch, the Silver Queen Mine, a couple different homes in Mojave, and an old burnt home in Tehachapi, among other places. It is a subject that doesn't get old for me.

The latest is an old homestead near Lancaster, California. This abandoned location has two (sort of) standing buildings and the remnants of two buildings that either had fallen or were torn down.

One of the standing buildings is an old home most likely built before 1940. I did not see any signs of plumbing. It is mostly a shell, with not much in the way of walls left.

The other standing building I believe may have also been a home (although it may have had other purposes). It is a small three room structure. There were no signs of plumbing in it, either. Quite a bit is still intact, although some walls and a section of the roof are missing.

The complex appears to have been a farm or ranch. I have no idea when it first opened or last closed. Now it lays in ruin, slowly being dismantled by vandals and swallowed by the harsh desert.

Below are the images, captured using a Sigma DP2 Merrill, in no particular order.
Dilapidated Lancaster Home - Lancaster, California
Wood Lines - Lancaster, California
Through The Rafters - Lancaster, California
Forgotten Hope - Lancaster, California
Abandoned Couch - Lancaster, California
Dog & Butterfly - Lancaster, California
One Yellow Board - Lancaster, California
Shadow Remnants - Lancaster, California
Dilapidated Design - Lancaster, California

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