Monday, September 16, 2013

Inspiration Can Be Found Anywhere

I was driving home last evening, just as the sun was low to the horizon, and spotted something worth photographing. If you carry a camera with you where ever you go, you can stop whenever something catches your eye.

It was easy to overlook. Out in a local farm field the workers had left a plow. The tractor was gone. The workers were gone. The plow was left out there in the dirt.

I bet most people who drove by didn't even notice it. And even if they did notice, I doubt they saw enough beauty in it to stop. Thankfully, a passion of mine is finding beauty in things that others don't. I love making art out of the industrial.

I used a Sigma DP2 Merrill to capture the below images.
Dirt Disks - Stallion Springs, California
Curves - Stallion Springs, California
Machine Sunset - Stallion Springs, California

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