Thursday, September 12, 2013

Night Concert

I went to an outdoor rock concert last Saturday night. This was a small concert in our local neighborhood featuring three local bands. It was after dark with really, really poor lighting. It was certainly a challenge from a photography point-of-view. Even so, I came away with some good images.

Concert photography in general can be tough. The lighting is usually both dim and harsh. It's also quickly changing. There is typically a lot of movement. In general it is a challenge. However, this seemed like an even greater challenge.

I brought along my Samsung NX200 with a telephoto zoom, my Sigma DP2 Merrill, and a tripod. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay for the full show. Below are some of the photographs, in no particular order.
Drums, Sticks & Mic - Stallion Springs, California
Gretch - Stallion Springs, California
Retuning - Stallion Springs, California
Outdoor Concert - Stallion Springs, California

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