Thursday, September 12, 2013

Steal Like An Artist

A post over on Chase Jarvis' blog intrigued me. Austin Kleon will be on Chase's website to discuss his book Steal Like An Artist.

Steal like an artist? This suggests that artists steal. Isn't art supposed to be original? Isn't stealing an idea from someone else unethical?
On A Brighter Day - Tehachapi, California
I would not have created this photograph if I had not seen someone else do something similar. 
I'm reminded of a quote found in my post Albert Einstein On Photography. One of the truest geniuses to ever live--Einstein himself--said, "Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."

The truth is that there are very, very few truly original artists out there. Everyone is stealing from others. Take a little from here, take a little from there, and also some from over there, throw in your own unique perspective and--bam!--you have original art.

Perhaps it is good to acknowledge and even embrace this theft of ideas. Copy what someone else did, but at the same time make it your own. Put your own twist on the successful thing that the other guy is doing.

"In other words, don't copy, but if you like what someone else has done or is doing, find a way to incorporate that into your own work," I wrote in the Einstein post. "Take a little from this person, a little from that person, and a little from this other person, and use that to create what is unique to you. Look for inspiration from others."

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