Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thought Of The Day: Fuji X-A1

I get asked quite often to comment on equipment. People want new cameras, but cameras don't matter, vision does. But since these posts are popular, I'll give my opinion and then move on to what really matters.

The Fuji X-A1 is the budget alternative to the X-Pro1. It's the same camera, just smaller, lighter and without all the (mostly unnecessary) bells-and-whistles. If you've wanted an X-Pro1 (or the X-E1) but found the price to be too high, perhaps the X-A1 is the camera for you.

One big disadvantage of the X-A1 is that it does not include Fuji's excellent X-Trans sensor. In fact, the X-A1 is actually an X-M1 camera without the X-Trans sensor and a couple hundred bucks cheaper.

I'm a big fan of compact interchangeable-lens cameras like the X-A1 (such as the Samsung NX200 and NX210 that I have owned). I think they're great alternatives to bulky DSLRs. But the point of buying a Fuji camera right now is to have their X-Trans sensor, which doesn't require an anti-aliasing filter. While I'm sure the X-A1 is a fine camera, and Fuji makes some fine lenses, I would think that, if you can, spend the extra money and get the X-Trans sensor.

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